In Memoriam

Individuals listed below have been members of our shire, but have sadly passed away.
May they rest in peace and their memories be a blessing.

Magistra Kudrun Pilegrim — Ettrick Forest of Scotland in 1288
PoA: Order of the Laurel (8/31/2014)
GoA: Order of the Hand of Tyr (11/12/2005), Order of Brigit’s Flame
AoA: Award of Arms (10/18/1997), Award of the Black Bolt, Order of the Willow (Middle), Award of the Purple Fret (Middle)
NA: Order of the Crwth, Order of the Aegis, Order of the Pyxis, Order of the Saltire
Lady Cybele of Rowangrove
AoA: Award of Arms, Order of the Crwth
Lord David the Thirsty — Bavarian, 13th century
AoA: Award of Arms
Jacques Beau D’Mont
Lord (Doctour) Jock McKee — Irish, 16th century
AoA: Award of Arms
Lord Richard of Woodleigh
AoA: Award of Arms